Freshman Phenom Leads Gamecocks Over Georgia

Freshman running back Marcus Lattimore followed up his two touchdown college debut against Southern Miss with an Earth-rumbling performance in South Carolina’s 17-6 victory over SEC East rival Georgia.

Lattimore expected his number to be called a lot, but the Ole Ball Coach entrusted him with the ball an astounding 37 times, rushing for 182 yards and another two touchdowns.

Unlike the prototypical Steve Spurrier offense that involves high percentage passing and focuses on the quarterback, today’s game with Georgia proved that the Gamecocks can pound the ball when they have to.

Overshadowed by the glaring performance of the young running back was quarterback Stephen Garcia who had a respectable game completing twelve of fifteen passes for 165 yards.  Alshon Jeffery is once again another unsung hero of the Gamecock’s offense as he posted his second straight game with over 100 yards receiving.

However, as impressive as the offense was for South Carolina, the defense matched them by keeping the Bulldogs’ offense out of the end zone.  Georgia kicker Blair Walsh connected on his two field goal attempts as their only points.

Georgia’s biggest chance to get into the end zone was stopped when Gamecock sophomore cornerback Stephon Gilmore recovered running back Washaun Ealey’s fumble at the two yard line.

The Bulldogs were forced to punt their following two possessions.  In their final chance to salvage anything from this game, quarterback Aaron Murray was sacked twice, including on the final play by defensive end Devin Taylor.

With that, South Carolina closed out an impressive ranked win against their rival neighbors to the west.  Gamecock fans are left with starry eyes, a new vision of George Rogers in Marcus Lattimore and a temporary seat at the top of the SEC East.

Stay tuned for the stat-by-stat comparison tonight.


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