Braves’ Bobby Cox Says Good-Bye

Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox closed the book on a baseball career that spanned nearly half a decade Tuesday night as the Atlanta Braves were eliminated from the postseason by the San Francisco Giants.

It closed the book on the most respected and perhaps the best manager of this era, Bobby Cox.  Cox led the Braves to one World Series championship, 14 consecutive division titles, and 5 National League pennants.

Cox, as Braves General Manager, brought in the face of the franchise in Chipper Jones, drafting him first overall in the 1990 MLB draft.

The long-time Braves manager was also known for his numerous ejections.  Cox leads all of MLB with 158 ejections, but most of them were defending his players, keeping them in the game.

Cox was known as a players’ manager.  Cox was very humble, never taking any credit for himself.  It was always the players that made him such a successful manager.

For young Atlanta Braves’ fans and baseball fans in general, Bobby Cox has been the only manager of the team.  He is the guy who still yells out to his players like they were on a little league team, and still wears those metal spikes like he was getting ready to play.

It was sad to see the available players, largely due to injury, that Cox had to put on the field.  This is meant as no disrespect to the players who participated in the postseason for the players.

Of the eight position players who were in the Braves’ 2010 Opening Day lineup, only two (Jason Heyward and Brian McCann) were in the same position on Tuesday night.  (A third, Troy Glaus started Game 4 of the NLDS at third base.  He was in the opening day lineup as the starting first baseman.)

However, Cox never once doubted that his team could win.  He never has.  Cox always believed in his players, and believed every game that they could win it for him.

Now, an era in baseball has ended.  Bobby Cox is no longer the Braves’ manager.  Future and current managers try to emulate his style, but no one will ever be able to replicate or replace a legend.

Looking forward, the favorite to try to fill his shoes is former Florida Marlins’ manager Fredi Gonzalez.  Gonzalez served as the Braves’ third base coach from 2003-2006.  Cox was very supportive of Gonzalez and criticized the Marlins for firing him earlier this season.

Bobby Cox will be missed, but never remembered.  All that is known will be that it will be weird to hear that the manager of the Atlanta Braves is not followed with Bobby Cox.

Another way that the world sometimes is a cruel place, an upcoming press conference announcement referred to Cox as the team’s former manager.


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