Panthers Going Back to Moore Gives Panthers Another Loss

Carolina Panthers’ Head Coach John Fox announced Monday that he will insert week one starting quarterback Matt Moore as the starter this week against San Francisco.

Jimmy Clausen, the rookie from Notre Dame, started the last three weeks, and the team remains winless.

However, this move, while it could result in a win or two, sets the organization back in a rebuilding year.

When Clausen was inserted as starting quarterback, there was no looking back.  Starting a rookie quarterback signals that you are trying to build for the future, not trying to get wins.

This does not compare to Cleveland, who started rookie Colt McCoy against Pittsburgh.  He started because of injuries to the other two quarterbacks on the roster, Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme.

The St. Louis Rams realized that first-overall pick Sam Bradford was their best option.  Any decision, no matter his quality of play, to remove him as starting quarterback would prove to be detrimental to Bradford and the Rams’ long-term success.

Clausen is a different situation.  The team drafted him to be the team’s quarterback of the future.  John Fox felt that the future started a few weeks ago.

Now, you shake up the confidence of a young player, whose problems on the field are not entirely his fault.  An inept offense and a coach who has the appearance of no longer caring could just be the tip of the iceburg as to the problems to this team.

John Fox is trying everything to save a job he has already lost.  The Panthers are striving to be the number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, not making the playoffs.

While Clausen may have been thrown into the fire a little too early in his young NFL career, the Matt Moore era in Carolina ended after week two.  Going back to him now just signifies that it is going to get worse in Charlotte before it gets any better.

Can the season end any quicker for Carolina fans?  Is Bill Cowher on speed dial for Jerry Richardson?


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