Jones Left No Choice in Firing Phillips

According to multiple reports, the Dallas Cowboys have fired head coach Wade Phillips after starting the 2010 NFL season 1-7.

Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett will take over head coaching duties.

After spending the first eight games supporting Phillips, Cowboys’ President Jerry Jones was left no choice but to fire Phillips, not necessarily because of poor play, but  circumstances allowed the inevitable move to occur.

Games where ridiculous penalties, inability to control a team, injuries, and unproductive talent all were big contributors to the firing.

However, after last night’s 45-7 beatdown by the Green Bay Packers, it was obvious that Jones could no longer sit in the media and state his confidence in Phillips.

Phillips becomes the first Cowboys’ coach to be fired mid-season.  His replacement is former quarterback and current offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, once thought to be coach-in-waiting.

The injury to Tony Romo, a broken collarbone, was probably the breaking point for Jones and Phillips.  After the injury, any chances of the Cowboys’ making a run with such a talented team were remote.

What happened after the game last night was the Cowboys’ owner with a empty look on his face.  He knew something had gone terribly wrong.  Was it coaching?  Was it talent?  Probably a little bit of both.

We have learned with the New York Yankees that you can buy all the talent in the world, and still not win.  This year, that is what Jones tried to do, and it failed miserably.  More than likely, for the first time, Jones failed.

Now they look to Jason Garrett, who has the rest of this season to prove that he is a head coach.  Also, it will be talent evaluation time.  The remaining coaching staff needs to figure out who quits and who continues to play despite the down season.

That is how you start rebuilding.  Plus, tanking to get the first overall pick in the draft, might not be a bad idea either.


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