Week 4 College Football Picks

Still not a bad week picking college football games, some of them were bad picks, others the teams didn’t exactly come through.  But hopefully, the good luck continues in week four.

Last Week:  27-6 (.818)

Overall:  87-13 (.870)

Week 4 Picks:

BYU vs. #24 Boise State

Florida Atlantic vs. #1 Alabama

#2 LSU vs. Auburn

#22 Arizona vs. #3 Oregon (Watch out though for Arizona, could be a Pac-12 shocker for the second week in a row)

#10 Clemson vs. #4 Florida State (Very evenly matched game to determine top team in ACC, home field advantage is difference)

Vanderbilt vs. #5 Georgia (Georgia should win, but Vanderbilt might give the Bulldogs a run)

#15 Kansas State vs. #6 Oklahoma (Upset special of the week)

Missouri vs. #7 South Carolina (Will be a closer game than people think)

Maryland vs. #8 West Virginia

#18 Michigan vs. #11 Notre Dame (Count me on the Notre Dame bandwagon.  Don’t know how far they’ll go, but it’s a decent team)

California vs. #13 USC

Kentucky vs. #14 Florida

UAB vs. #16 Ohio State

Virginia vs. #17 TCU

Oregon State vs. #19 UCLA

#20 Louisville vs. Florida International

Eastern Michigan vs. #21 Michigan State

South Alabama vs. #23 Mississippi State

Idaho State vs. #25 Nebraska

Bowling Green vs. Virginia Tech

Army vs. Wake Forest

Miami (FL) vs. Georgia Tech

East Carolina vs. North Carolina

Memphis vs. Duke

Citadel vs. North Carolina State

Ole Miss vs. Tulane

Rutgers vs. Arkansas

South Carolina State vs. Texas A&M

Akron vs. Tennessee


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