Week 5 NFL Picks

Week 4 was a good one, much improved from week 3, for picking NFL games.

It should get easier at this point, as everybody starts to know what teams have, and what they don’t

Last Week:  11-4 (.733)

Overall:  39-24 (.619)

Week 5 Picks:

Cardinals vs. Rams

Dolphins vs. Bengals

Packers vs. Colts

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Browns vs. Giants

Eagles vs. Steelers

Falcons vs. Redskins

Seahawks vs. Panthers (If the Panthers lose to mini-Cam [Russell Wilson], it’s going to get ugly in Charlotte really quick.)

Bears vs. Jaguars

Titans vs. Vikings

Broncos vs. Patriots

Bills vs. 49ers

Chargers vs. Saints (The Saints have to win, it’s going to be Drew Brees special night, right?)

Texans vs. Jets (Can it manage to get worse for the Jets on Monday Night?)


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