Week 6 NFL Picks

Disappointing team performances is the one thing still preventing good picks.  The Panthers and Bengals aren’t teams we thought they were heading into the season.  The Packers and Cardinals just put out bad performances.

Last Week:  10-4 (.714)

Overall:  49-28 (.636)

Steelers vs. Titans

Raiders vs. Falcons

Bengals vs. Browns  (This game will be closer than people think.  Bengals haven’t looked great, while the Browns have competed the last two weeks [at times] against superior teams)

Rams vs. Dolphins

Colts vs. Jets  (As scary of thought this is, I have more faith in Andrew Luck, than Mark Sanchez)

Lions vs. Eagles

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Cowboys vs. Ravens

Bills vs. Cardinals

Patriots vs. Seahawks

Giants vs. 49ers (This game won’t be as close as people think.  The only caveat is the health of Alex Smith)

Vikings vs. Redskins (Vikings are a good team, another scary thought)

Packers vs. Texans

Broncos vs. Chargers


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