Week 8 NFL Picks

After a dreadful week of picking two weeks ago, last week was a nice rebound, to get back to the winning ways.

Last Week:  11-2 (.846)

Overall:  65-39 (.625)

Buccaneers vs. Vikings (Should be a good game between two up-and-coming teams, however one [Minnesota] is closer to being ‘there’ than the other)

Panthers vs. Bears

Chargers vs. Browns

Seahawks vs. Lions

Jaguars vs. Packers

Colts vs. Titans

Patriots vs. Rams

Dolphins vs. Jets (This game will be a reality check for the loser)

Falcons vs. Eagles

Redskins vs. Steelers

Raiders vs. Chiefs

Giants vs. Cowboys (Not a believer of the Cowboys yet)

Saints vs. Broncos (Joe Vitt’s return is just a little too much for Manning’s magic)

49ers vs. Cardinals (No one will be watching this game looking for stunning quarterback play)


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