Week 13 NFL Picks

November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving week was pretty good last week.  The stretch of all my picks, Cleveland over Pittsburgh, actually worked out.

Entering the last month of the season, it is very clear which teams are playing to play in January and which teams think the next significant date is in April.

Last Week:  10-6 (.625)

Overall:  117-58-1 (.665)

Saints vs. Falcons

Jaguars vs. Bills

Seahawks vs. Bears

Colts vs. Lions (Detroit rebounds strong following Thanksgiving heartache.)

Vikings vs. Packers

Texans vs. Titans

Panthers vs. Chiefs (Like last week, the Panthers have to be able to win this game.)

49ers vs. Rams (Just no tie.)

Patriots vs. Dolphins

Cardinals vs. Jets

Buccaneers vs. Broncos

Browns vs. Raiders

Bengals vs. Chargers (Cincinnati seems to be figuring it out, and could be a dangerous team down the stretch.)

Steelers vs. Ravens

Eagles vs. Cowboys

Giants vs. Redskins


Week 14 College Football Picks

November 28, 2012

It is championship week for some conferences, while others are playing the final week of games.  This week’s picks will include all games in the FBS.

The big game to watch will be the MAC Championship.  If Kent State wins, they will more than likely go to a BCS game.  The second biggest game, the SEC Championship, since this is a national semifinal to face Notre Dame for the National Championship.

Last Week:  17-8 (.680)

Overall:  286-73 (.797)

Louisville vs. Rutgers

#21 Northern Illinois vs. #17 Kent State

#16 UCLA vs. #8 Stanford (Stanford’s defense does it two weeks in a row against UCLA.)

UCF vs. Tulsa

#23 Oklahoma State vs. Baylor (Just a warning:  Baylor has played the upset card real well this season.)

#11 Oklahoma vs. TCU (Just a warning:  TCU has played the upset card real well this season.)

Nicholls State vs. #15 Oregon State

Kansas vs. West Virginia

Middle Tennessee vs. Arkansas State

Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Florida Atlantic

Cincinnati vs. Connecticut

#20 Boise State vs. Nevada

#2 Alabama vs. #3 Georgia (QB A.J. Murray just does not show up to play in the big games.)

New Mexico State vs. Texas State

Pittsburgh vs. South Florida

#13 Florida State vs. Georgia Tech (Florida State does not deserve to go to any bowl if they lose this game.)

#18 Texas vs. #6 Kansas State

#12 Nebraska vs. Wisconsin (Nebraska does not deserve to go to any bowl if they lose this game.)

South Alabama vs. Hawaii (Slight home field advantage for Hawaii.)

Week 13 College Football Picks

November 22, 2012

It is rivalry week across college football, which makes it even tougher to pick in some of these games.  Some teams have everything to lose this week, while others are merely playing for pride and bragging rights.

Several teams also need wins to become bowl eligible, while others are just jockeying to get a little higher in their conference.

Last Week:  24-5 (.828)

Overall:  269-65 (.805)

TCU vs. #16 Texas

#7 LSU vs. Arkansas

#14 Nebraska vs. Iowa

Ohio vs. #23 Kent State

Arizona State vs. #24 Arizona

#25 Washington vs. Washington State

#1 Notre Dame vs. USC  (No Matt Barkley means no chance for the Trojans.)

Auburn vs. #2 Alabama (Not exactly the Iron Bowl of a couple years ago.)

Georgia Tech vs. #3 Georgia

#4 Florida vs. #10 Florida State

#5 Oregon vs. #15 Oregon State  (This probably would be closer if Oregon beat Stanford last week, but the Ducks likely want revenge.)

#8 Stanford vs. #17 UCLA  (This could be the first of back-to-back weeks of this match-up.)

Missouri vs. #9 Texas A&M

#12 South Carolina vs. #11 Clemson (Gamecocks’ defense won’t be able to hold Clemson the entire game.)

#21 Oklahoma State vs. #13 Oklahoma

#18 Rutgers vs. Pittsburgh

#19 Michigan vs. Ohio State (Ohio State finishes off the season undefeated by winning the best rivalry in football.)

Connecticut vs. #20 Louisville

Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

Miami (FL) vs. Duke

Boston College vs. North Carolina State

Maryland vs. North Carolina

Vanderbilt vs. Wake Forest

Kentucky vs. Tennessee

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

Week 12 NFL Picks

November 21, 2012

Last week was a great week picking NFL games, only the St. Louis Rams disappointed.  That pick was probably more anti-New York Jets than pro-St. Louis Rams.

Some of these picks might be getting cocky after last week, but at least it will feel even better if they work.

Last Week:  13-1 (.929)

Overall:  107-52-1 (.669)

Texans vs. Lions (Detroit usually plays tough on Thanksgiving, and it will be enough to beat the Texans.)

Redskins vs. Cowboys

Patriots vs. Jets

Vikings vs. Bears

Raiders vs. Bengals

Steelers vs. Browns (By far, the upset special of the week.  If Cleveland can close it out, this is a winnable game.)

Bills vs. Colts

Broncos vs. Chiefs

Seahawks vs. Dolphins

Falcons vs. Buccaneers (This one will be extremely close.)

Titans vs. Jaguars (Thought about riding the Chad Henne wave, but then remembered about Chad Henne.)

Ravens vs. Chargers

49ers vs. Saints (New Orleans uses this as a start to try to recover to make the playoffs. Still will be a little too late.)

Rams vs. Cardinals (Going with the quarterback with more experience.)

Packers vs. Giants

Panthers vs. Eagles (If the Panthers are going to win another game this season, this would be an easy one to start with.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Defense is Key to South Carolina vs. Clemson Winner

November 21, 2012

As crazy as it might sound, the key to Saturday night’s game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers, is defense.

However, when you take a second to think about it, it’s not as out there as you think.

The Gamecocks defense has been one of the top in the country in 2012, but has struggled against the option and pass heavy teams.

Of course, Clemson does not run the option, but QB Tajh Boyd has been putting up spectacular numbers the last few weeks.  Add on the running of RB Andre Ellington and the big play abilities of WR Sammy Watkins and WR DeAndre Hopkins, the Clemson offense can be almost impossible to stop.

The key to South Carolina’s defensive success will be getting pressure on Boyd.  If Gamecocks’ Defensive Coordinator Lorenzo Ward cannot get pressure on the Tigers’ quarterback, it will expose the defense’s biggest weakness, the mediocre cornerbacks.

D.J. Swearinger has been all over the field, legally and illegally (quite regularly) tackling the ball-carrier and making big defensive plays in the secondary.  But Clemson has as many weapons offensively as anyone the Gamecocks have faced this season.

The health of Jadeveon Clowney is crucial.  Clowney sat out last week’s game against Wofford to rest his foot and knee injuries.  If he does not play, the Gamecocks will not be able to get the consistent pressure on Boyd to slow down Clemson’s offense.

Clemson’s defense is a little surprising, and it might not be as bad as people say it is.

Take a look at these numbers–19, 27, 7, 49 (loss), 31, 31, 17, 13, 20, 10, 48–that’s how many points the Tigers have given up in each game this season.

While there are a couple of numbers that stick out, there have been several good defensive performances this season.

Clearly, Clemson’s best defense, is its offense.  But the Tigers’ defense will have it a lot easier if Gamecocks’ QB Connor Shaw does not play.  Since the injury to RB Marcus Lattimore, the offense’s success solely rests on Shaw’s ability to make plays.

Shaw is the key to the Gamecocks offense, and his back-up, QB Dylan Thompson has not shown he can beat a top-ranked college program.

For South Carolina to win this game, they will need both Shaw and Clowney available to play, and hold Clemson to fewer than 40 points.  If not, the Gamecocks’ offense will not be able to keep up.

So, it’s simple, defense is the key to determining who wins this game.

Week 11 NFL Picks

November 15, 2012

Unlike several players in the Rams-49ers game, I did know that a NFL game could end in a tie.  However, I didn’t pick a tie.  But the tie will be reflected in the record the rest of the year.

Last Week:  10-3-1 (.714)

Overall:  94-51-1 (.644)

Dolphins vs. Bills

Cardinals vs. Falcons

Browns vs. Cowboys

Packers vs. Lions (Shouldn’t this game be next week?)

Bengals vs. Chiefs (Battle of two disappointing teams.)

Jets vs. Rams

Eagles vs. Redskins

Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Jaguars vs. Texans

Saints vs. Raiders

Chargers vs. Broncos

Colts vs. Patriots

Ravens vs. Steelers

Bears vs. 49ers

Week 12 College Football Picks

November 14, 2012

It’s November for college football, meaning losses now hurt much worse than they did back in September.

However, with the recent BCS rankings, it shows if you’re in a good enough conference, it might not hurt as bad.

With that said, it was a solid week picking, still with single digit losses for the week, continuing the streak of not incorrectly picking more than nine games this season.  You can never complain with that.

Also, after checking out the picks, be sure to find where your favorite team might be playing after the regular season on our 2012-13 College Bowl Projections.

Last Week:  20-7 (.741)

Overall:  245-60 (.803)

#1 Kansas State vs. Baylor

#13 Stanford vs. #2 Oregon (If Oregon makes it to the National Championship game, you can not say that November was easy for them.)

Wake Forest vs. #3 Notre Dame

Western Carolina vs. #4 Alabama

Georgia Southern vs. #5 Georgia

Jacksonville State vs. #6 Florida (The Gators should be able to win this without Jeff Driskel, but then you do have to remember about last week.)

Ole Miss vs. #7 LSU

Sam Houston State vs. #8 Texas A&M (Normally you would say that the Aggies are set for a let-down, but that shouldn’t happen with Sam Houston State.)

Wofford vs. #9 South Carolina

#10 Florida State vs. Maryland

North Carolina State vs. #11 Clemson (If N.C. State were to win, they could at least claim they beat the two best teams in the ACC this year.)

#12 Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

Minnesota vs. #14 Nebraska

California vs. #16 Oregon State

#18 USC vs. #17 UCLA (Winner will likely go to Pac-12 Championship game.)

Utah State vs. #20 Louisiana Tech (Louisiana Tech has to win out to have a shot at going to a BCS bowl.)

Iowa vs. #21 Michigan

#22 Rutgers vs. Cincinnati

#23 Texas Tech vs. #24 Oklahoma State

#25 Washington vs. Colorado

North Carolina vs. Virginia

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College

South Florida vs. Miami (FL)

Duke vs. Georgia Tech (Closest to 100 wins, unless they go over.)

Arkansas vs. Mississippi State (The Bulldogs have to rebound; they were going strong but have really stunk it up the last few weeks.)

Alabama A&M vs. Auburn (The SEC should win this, right?)

Syracuse vs. Missouri (The SEC should win this, right?)

Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt

Samford vs. Kentucky (The SEC should win this, right?)