Podcast for 11.2.10

November 3, 2010

Hey everyone. To those who didn’t join us live on the show today. Here’s the link to the Podcast. We did a special election night debate for the Heisman trophy as well as gave Adam props for having the best hair of everyone who works for Section 26 Sports. (Stay tuned past the final music, you’ll understand.)

We also wrap up the NCAA FB Top 25, get everyone ready for the Arkansas-Carolina game, and lament the lost season of the Clemson.

Section 26 Sports Podcast for 11.2.10


MLB Realignment Solution

March 30, 2010

For a few weeks, Major League Baseball has been discussing the idea of a “floating realignment.”  This “floating realignment” would in effect give talented teams in difficult divisions an advantage towards making the playoffs.

The key example cited was moving the Tampa Bay Rays to the American League Central and having the Kansas City Royals replace them in the American League East.  This change would happen primarily so that the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees would all make the playoffs in the same season.

This “floating realignment” is a mockery and is disrespectful to the concept of honest competition.  Moving a talented team to improve their success rate goes against everything we are taught as youths.  It supports the idea of taking the easy way out and relying on others to fix your problems rather than working hard.

I propose a more balanced and just solution.  Instead of assisting certain teams in their playoff runs and trying to set up success, MLB needs to take this opportunity to rejuvenate the sport.

Baseball has had trouble with fan numbers decreasing since the “Steroid Era.”  Casual fans have dropped the sport and moved their fandom to more exciting sports on the rise, such as Major League Soccer and the action sports performed in the X-Games.

With a possible owner lockout looming over the National Football League, now is the time for MLB to recapture fan interest and take a step closer to becoming the national pastime once again.

But the question then arises, what would bring back the casual fans?  Look at what excites the typical casual fans in your local area.  You are likely to see two key factors:  rivalry games and home runs.  Instead of realigning for the success of certain teams, MLB should realign to revitalize rivalries.

This idea of casual fan interest is what drew me to this realignment.  Doing this would put every local rivalry in the same division, therefore providing the fans with more, and more meaningful rivalries.

Also, this realignment would give the classic baseball fans such as me new, energetic rivalries for our respective teams.  Teams would get to play opponents they would not usually see on the diamond.  This would appeal to everyone, from casual fans to die hard fans to the men on the field.

In addition to the classic and new rivalries, this realignment would balance out the American League and National League.  And because of that, their rules would have to match, meaning the National League would have to implement to designated hitter rule.  This would make inter-league play more straightforward and fair.  Not to mention this would help with fans because, simply put, chicks dig the long ball.

The divisional realignment goes as follows:

American League:

East – Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals

Central – Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays

West – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners

National League:

East – Atlanta Braves, Florida Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays

Central – Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals

West – Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers

This alignment maintains the two rivalries in baseball that I feel should go untouched, Yankees-Red Sox and Cubs-Cardinals.  It also gives more meaning to the local rivalries including the Subway Series, the Bay Series and many others in-state matchups.

I strongly urge MLB to take a look at this and give it strong consideration.  This would keep the die hard fans and regain a firm grasp on the casual fans.  Baseball would be able to return to the glorious days of exciting play that we, the fans have all come to miss.

A S26S Look Ahead to 2010

December 29, 2009

New Year’s Day is right around the corner, which means we must all turn our calendars to 2010.

The 2009 sports year was an exciting one, full of surprises and intrigue.  Sports fans witnessed the dominance of traditional powers in the NBA and MLB, the true solidification of a NASCAR superstar, and the fall of the greatest athlete in the world, Tiger Woods.

While 2009 gave the fans numerous memories to hold on to for years to come, we at Section 26 Sports would like to take a look at the biggest events to come in 2010.  Here are five of the more exciting and captivating events to prepare yourselves for.

  1. Tiger Woods’ Return – By now, everyone has heard the Tiger Woods story.  From the car accident to the affair, to the unbelievable amount of women coming out claiming an affair with the golfer.  We are only concerned with the action on the golf course, however.  These events originally forced Woods to cancel his participation in his own tournament.  He is now in the midst of an “indefinite break” from golf.  This can hurt his reputation, as well as that of the PGA Tour.  If Woods does not participate, the PGA would likely lose many viewers.  Golf will not be the same until he returns.  Look and hope for that day to be in 2010, my guess would be closer to the Summer.  Sports media will explode that day, so begin preparing now.
  2. Urban Meyer and Florida Football – On December 26th, Urban Meyer announced he has resigned as Florida’s head football coach due to health reasons.  On December 27th, after a “spirited practice” he changed his resignation to an “indefinite leave of absence.”  The point is, at this point, he is expected to not be the head coach for the 2010 season.  Instead, current offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will take over as interim head coach.  From my personal opinion, expect to hear Urban Meyer’s input all season and an announcement of his return after the annual clash with Florida State.  But do not be surprised to hear something else happen, for example Meyer becoming the head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they draft Tim Tebow in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Again, that is just a hunch.
  3. The 2010 Heisman Race – What makes this race more intriguing than most years is that the 2009 winner, Alabama running back Mark Ingram will only be a junior.  He has the potential to not only repeat, but “three-peat.”  Fans saw this with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in 2007, but he could not repeat in 2008 or 2009.  Ingram will be on an Alabama team that is not expected to drop far from their current status of SEC Champions.  The team success and personal achievement of Ingram could lead to a historical Heisman race in 2010.  Other names to watch for:  Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, Washington quarterback Jack Locker, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, West Virginia running back Noel Devine.
  4. The American League East Race – The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox seem to always come down to the wire in the race for the AL East Pennant.  This race epitomizes the excitement in Major League Baseball.  Both teams spend more money than many fans think was even possible to do what is necessary to win such a difficult division and league.  So far in the offseason, the Yankess have signed outfielder Curtis Granderson and first basemen Nick Johnson, and traded for starting pitcher Javier Vazquez.  In the midst of these moves, they will no longer have designated hitter Hideki Matsui or outfielder Melky Cabrera.  The Red Sox made big noise signing starting pitcher John Lackey and outfield Mike Cameron in mid-December.  And earlier in the month they signed shortstop Marco Scutaro.  Expect both of these teams to be two of the top teams in all of MLB and make the playoffs next season.  This hated rivalry should become a battle for the top seed in the playoffs and go to September before it is decided.
  5. The World Cup – The World Cup begins play June 11th as the host South Africa faces Mexico.  The big match for Americans will be the nation’s first as they play one of the world’s elite teams, England on June 12th.  The good news for the USA is that even with a loss to England, the round of sixteen seems a likely achievement.  The group to keep your eye on however is Group G, which has been dubbed the “Group of Death” for 2010.  This group is headlined by another of the world’s elite, Brazil, and also fields two of the stronger teams, Portugal and North Korea.  As if that was not difficult enough, the World Cup sleeper team, the Ivory Coast also plays in this group.  Who escapes this group with hopes for the title is anyone’s guess.

The 2010 sports year looks promising for fans of all sports all over the world.  Keep your eyes out for these storylines, as well as the many others that are sure to pop up throughout the year.