Week 9 College Football Picks

October 24, 2012

Keeping up the good work in college football, another great week.  Hopefully the wins keep coming.

After checking out the picks, be sure to stop by the 2012-13 College Football Bowl Projections.

Last Week:  22-4 (.846)

Overall:  189-38 (.833)

#18 Clemson vs. Wake Forest

Cincinnati vs. #16 Louisville

#11 Mississippi State vs. #1 Alabama (A win by the Bulldogs would really shake things up in the SEC West)

#2 Florida vs. #10 Georgia

#14 Texas Tech vs. #3 Kansas State

Colorado vs. #4 Oregon

#5 Notre Dame vs. #8 Oklahoma (When in doubt, got to go with the home crowd.  A win by Notre Dame and they really have only one hurdle to an undefeated season [Southern Cal])

#7 Oregon State vs. Washington (Closer game than people think)

#9 USC vs. Arizona (Closer game than people think)

Duke vs. #12 Florida State

Tennessee vs. #13 South Carolina

Kent State vs. #15 Rutgers

Washington State vs. #17 Stanford

#20 Texas A&M vs. Auburn

#21 Boise State vs. Wyoming

#22 Michigan vs. Nebraska

#23 Texas vs. Kansas

#24 Ohio vs. Miami (OH)

Michigan State vs. #25 Wisconsin

North Carolina State vs. North Carolina

Maryland vs. Boston College

BYU vs. Georgia Tech

Kentucky vs. Missouri

Ole Miss vs. Arkansas (Winner might be on the path to sneaking into a bowl game)

Massachusetts vs. Vanderbilt


Week 8 NFL Picks

October 24, 2012

After a dreadful week of picking two weeks ago, last week was a nice rebound, to get back to the winning ways.

Last Week:  11-2 (.846)

Overall:  65-39 (.625)

Buccaneers vs. Vikings (Should be a good game between two up-and-coming teams, however one [Minnesota] is closer to being ‘there’ than the other)

Panthers vs. Bears

Chargers vs. Browns

Seahawks vs. Lions

Jaguars vs. Packers

Colts vs. Titans

Patriots vs. Rams

Dolphins vs. Jets (This game will be a reality check for the loser)

Falcons vs. Eagles

Redskins vs. Steelers

Raiders vs. Chiefs

Giants vs. Cowboys (Not a believer of the Cowboys yet)

Saints vs. Broncos (Joe Vitt’s return is just a little too much for Manning’s magic)

49ers vs. Cardinals (No one will be watching this game looking for stunning quarterback play)

Week 8 College Football Picks

October 18, 2012

Not a bad week last week, much better than picking NFL games.  Just three losses, one was a shocker, one was a shocker in how poorly one team played, and another was a toss-up game.

Don’t forget after checking out the picks, to check out the 2012-13 College Football Bowl Projections.

Last Week:  20-3 (.870)

Overall:  167-34 (.831)

#3 Oregon vs. Arizona State (This one will be closer than people think)

#1 Alabama vs. Tennessee

#7 South Carolina vs. #2 Florida (I don’t think Florida is the 2nd-ranked team in the country)

#4 Kansas State vs. #13 West Virginia (Sorry, Kansas State, West Virginia has rebound on the mind after last week’s dismal performance.  A win by Kansas State puts them in the National Championship picture.)

BYU vs. #5 Notre Dame

#6 LSU vs. #18 Texas A&M (After benefiting from the home crowd against South Carolina, LSU finds out what it is like to play as a visitor at Tiger Stadium)

Utah vs. #8 Oregon State

Kansas vs. #9 Oklahoma

Colorado vs. #10 USC

#11 Georgia vs. Kentucky

Middle Tennessee vs. #12 Mississippi State (Though Georgia Tech isn’t as good as Mississippi State, remember that Middle Tennessee beat them earlier this year)

#14 Florida State vs. Miami (FL) (Could be an ACC Championship Game preview)

#15 Rutgers vs. Temple

South Florida vs. #16 Louisville

#17 Texas Tech vs. #23 TCU (Closer than people think)

Virginia Tech vs. #19 Clemson

#20 Stanford vs. California

#21 Cincinnati vs. Toledo

UNLV vs. #22 Boise State

#24 Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

Baylor vs. #25 Texas

Wake Forest vs. Virginia

Boston College vs. Georgia Tech

North Carolina State vs. Maryland

North Carolina vs. Duke

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt

Week 7 NFL Picks

October 18, 2012

Last week was rough, and that’s all there is to say about that.  It just shows that any NFL team can go out on any given week and win one football game.

Last Week:  5-9 (.357)

Overall:  54-37 (.593)

Seahawks vs. 49ers (Still not believers of the Seahawks, might be ignorance)

Titans vs. Bills 

Browns vs. Colts

Packers vs. Rams

Cardinals vs. Vikings (The week jumping on the Vikings bandwagon, and they lose, so naturally, I proceed to pick them again)

Redskins vs. Giants (Giants are the best team in the NFC, this game isn’t even close)

Saints vs. Buccaneers

Cowboys vs. Panthers (This game is not fair to pick, neither team has really shown up this season)

Ravens vs. Texans (AFC Championship preview?)

Jaguars vs. Raiders

Jets vs. Patriots

Steelers vs. Bengals

Lions vs. Bears

Week 7 College Football Picks

October 11, 2012

Not the best week in picking college football games, as it was a rough go for a couple teams.

Congrats to North Carolina State on that upset of Florida State.  I’m not sure anyone saw that coming.  I think it’s time for me to get off the Auburn and Virginia Tech bandwagons, as those teams keep disappointing me.

Also, be sure to check out the 2012-13 Bowl Predictions.  Click here or on the tab at the top of the page.

Last Week:  16-9 (.640)

Overall:  147-31 (.826)

#1 Alabama vs. Missouri

#3 South Carolina vs. #9 LSU (If the Gamecocks win, they’re as good as anyone in the country.  But it will take a better performance than they put out against Georgia, to beat LSU, at night in Death Valley, against a team coming off a loss)

#4 Florida vs. Vanderbilt (No let down, but will be closer than people think, because Florida is highly over-rated.)

#5 West Virginia vs. Texas Tech (The correct second-best team in country might actually be No. 2 by end of the weekend)

#6 Kansas State vs. Iowa State

#17 Stanford vs. #7 Notre Dame (This could be the game that actually demonstrates that Notre Dame is legitimate)

#8 Ohio State vs. Indiana

#10 Oregon State vs. BYU

#11 USC vs. Washington (Washington always plays USC tough.)

Boston College vs. #12 Florida State

#15 Texas vs. #13 Oklahoma (Very close, but Texas is just a little better, and I’m not a believer of Oklahoma yet)

#18 Louisville vs. Pittsburgh

Tennessee vs. #19 Mississippi State

Syracuse vs. #20 Rutgers

Fordham vs. #21 Cincinnati

#22 Texas A&M vs. #23 Louisiana Tech (This may end up being the closest game of the week)

Fresno State vs. #24 Boise State

Illinois vs. #25 Michigan

Duke vs. Virginia Tech (I clearly still haven’t learned from my mistakes [See above])

North Carolina vs. Miami (FL)

Maryland vs. Virginia

Auburn vs. Ole Miss (As crazy as it sounds, Ole Miss is not a bad team)

Kentucky vs. Arkansas

Week 6 NFL Picks

October 11, 2012

Disappointing team performances is the one thing still preventing good picks.  The Panthers and Bengals aren’t teams we thought they were heading into the season.  The Packers and Cardinals just put out bad performances.

Last Week:  10-4 (.714)

Overall:  49-28 (.636)

Steelers vs. Titans

Raiders vs. Falcons

Bengals vs. Browns  (This game will be closer than people think.  Bengals haven’t looked great, while the Browns have competed the last two weeks [at times] against superior teams)

Rams vs. Dolphins

Colts vs. Jets  (As scary of thought this is, I have more faith in Andrew Luck, than Mark Sanchez)

Lions vs. Eagles

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Cowboys vs. Ravens

Bills vs. Cardinals

Patriots vs. Seahawks

Giants vs. 49ers (This game won’t be as close as people think.  The only caveat is the health of Alex Smith)

Vikings vs. Redskins (Vikings are a good team, another scary thought)

Packers vs. Texans

Broncos vs. Chargers

Week 5 NFL Picks

October 4, 2012

Week 4 was a good one, much improved from week 3, for picking NFL games.

It should get easier at this point, as everybody starts to know what teams have, and what they don’t

Last Week:  11-4 (.733)

Overall:  39-24 (.619)

Week 5 Picks:

Cardinals vs. Rams

Dolphins vs. Bengals

Packers vs. Colts

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Browns vs. Giants

Eagles vs. Steelers

Falcons vs. Redskins

Seahawks vs. Panthers (If the Panthers lose to mini-Cam [Russell Wilson], it’s going to get ugly in Charlotte really quick.)

Bears vs. Jaguars

Titans vs. Vikings

Broncos vs. Patriots

Bills vs. 49ers

Chargers vs. Saints (The Saints have to win, it’s going to be Drew Brees special night, right?)

Texans vs. Jets (Can it manage to get worse for the Jets on Monday Night?)